CCR CCHA Frankincense ("Franky") (ADCA# 41933): Born 12-26-16, Franky was born a day after Christmas in the midst of an ice-storm that knocked out our power for 5days.  She is out of Liffey and Charles.  She is a heterozygous polled, homozygous dun, red heifer that is A1A2.  She is currently for sale.

CCR CCHA Connie (ADCA#42111): Born 2-7-17, Connie is a red Jacqui heifer that is homozygous polled, homozygous dun and has a beta-casein of A1A1.  She will be a great addition to the herd.

CCR CCHA Alpha (ADCA# 42110): Born 2-12-17, Alpha is out of Jane and is homozygous red & dun, A1A2 and is heterozygous polled.  He was shown at county achievement days for "Baby Beef" were he took grand champ and also along side his dam in the "Bred & Owned" class.  Every calf out of Jane has been fantastic including Alpha, who will make a great herd sire next year.  He is currently for sale.

CCR CCHA Hulk (ADCA# 42109): Born 2-17-17, Hulk was impressive from day 1.  He is a Johanna calf and is homozygous red and dun, heterozygous polled, and has a A2/A2 beta-casein.  He will be kept as a herd sire for next year to help add some muscle mass to calves from select cows   

CCR CCHA Mortichi (Steer): Born 3-5-17, Mort is a red polled steer out of Missy.  Unfortunately he was born blind but finds his way to the feed-bunk. 

CCR CCHA Jasmine (ADCA# 42108): After 3 consecutive years of giving us excellent bull calves, Josie gave us a nice heifer calf out of Charles on 3-12-17.  Jasmine is red, homozygous dun, homozygous polled, and has a beta-casein of A1/A2.  She will be a great addition to the herd.

CCR CCHA Lacy (ADCA# 42107):  Born 4-11-17 out of Lady, Lacy is a red, heterozygous dun, heterozygous polled heifer with a beta-casein of A1/A2.  She is another great heifer out of Lady and is currently for sale.

CCR CCHA Emmitt (ADCA# 42106):  Born 6-13-17 out of Emerald, Emmitt has the genetic makeup we've been breeding towards.  He is homozygous: red,dun,polled, & A2.  He is developing into a nice bull and is currently for sale.


2012:   SGF SAKE Jacqui was the first Dexter shown in Deuel County, and also the first Dexter shown by the Collins family at the 2012 Deuel County Achievement Days.  Lane had a blast and did a great job caring for and showing his purple ribbon Jacqui.  We hope that Jacqui is the first in a long line of Dexters shown by our family.

2013:    Jacqui made another appearance at the Deuel County Fairgrounds, this time with her new calf: CCR SNIC Ruby in the "Bred and Owned" class.  Lane won first place in the class, and Beau helped showed Ruby.  Lane was awarded a trophy and a purple ribbon.

2013:  SGF SDAK Johanna won 1st place in the "Other Registered Breeds" class.  Her only competition was Jubilee, but she truly is a show winner. Beau enjoyed his first year showing cattle:  He received the "True Grit" award- Johanna had got away from him in the ring, but he stuck with it and came back in the ring to win the class, and then again to compete for the overall female.

2013:   CCR Jubilee was shown by Lane and awarded a purple ribbon.  She was the easiest heifer to train that summer and we look forward to her potential milking career.

2013: CCR SNIC Ruby won a purple ribbon in the Baby Beef class.  Beau showed her in that class and also for the Beginner Showmanship class.  She was a hit at the fairgrounds.  Beau is showing off his show halter he received for winning the true grit award with Johanna.

2014: Jane was the only Dexter that made it the fair in 2014, so she didn't have any competition, but she did well and Lane enjoyed the time he spent with her. She is the 3rd Josie daughter to go to the fair.

2015: Weston showed Jane with her calf Patrick for the Bred & Owned class

2015: Beau showed Patrick for Baby Beef and also with his dam in the Bred and Owned class

2015:  Lane showed Emerald as a yearling heifer.

2017:  Weston showed Jane in the Bred & Owned class with her bull calf- Alpha.

2017:  Weston took grand champion with Alpha in the Baby Beef class.

2017:  Weston showed Apple (Jane's calf from last year) as a yearling heifer.

2017:  Lane showed Chloe (Jacqui daughter) and Beau showed Gretta