Cows and Heifers are listed oldest to youngest.

See Table on the bottom of this page for a summary of their genetic background.
For a Detailed Pedigree and additional pictures of our herd, see the following website (ADCA) and type in our owner number 5259 into the search:

SGF TMER Josie #17337
Born 5-2-06, Josie is heterozygous polled, red, carries dun, and has a beta-casein genotype of A1/A1.  She has had a great impact on our herd as well as others.  We have 4 of her daughters still in the herd, and 3 of her sons have gone onto to be herd sires elsewhere.  This picture is from 2017, 11yrs old and still looking good!

CCR Lady #23829 Born 4-27-10, Lady's color genotype is ee/BB (red,no dun), her beta-casein genotype is A2/A2, and she is dehorned.  She was sired by Saber and out of one of the first heifers we purchased.  She is currently one of our milk cows.

SGF SAKE Jacqui #24966
Jacqui was born 5-30-11 to Josie.  Her sire is SGF SSAB Akela, she is heterozygous polled, homozygous red and dun (eebb), and her beta-casein is A1/A1.  She is a superb cow and was the first Dexter ever shown in Deuel Cty, SD in 2012.  She was shown again in 2013 with her heifer calf, CCR SNIC Ruby.  She is also the dam of our current herd sire CCR SNIC Charles.

SGF SDAK Johanna #28765:  Born 4-13-12, Johanna is a heterozygous polled, red cow out of Josie  and SGF LMULDakota.  Her beta casein is A1/A2, and her color genotype is ee/bb. She is honestly the stockiest Dexter we've raised and she was also shown for 4H.  Her 2014 bull calf is a herd sire in northern MN.  Her 2017 bull calf will likely be another herd sire for our herd.

CCR CBUD Jane #31145: Born 4-13-13, Jane is the last heifer Buddy gave us.  She is a red Josie daughter and is heterozygous polled, carries dun, and is A1/A2.  She was shown as a calf, as a yearling, and as a cow/calf pair at the county 4H show.

CCR SNIC Emerald (ADCA# 35205): Emerald is a heterozygous polled, dun cow who carries red.  Her beta-casein is A2A2.  She was born 8-3-14 and is sired by Nick and out of Jubilee (former milk cow).  She was shown as a heifer.

Lost River 32 (ADCA #36970):
"Missy" was purchased from Ron Ditsch from Warroad, MN.  Born 4-17-15, she is a polled red heifer out of Windy Hills Red Fritz and MLW Cameo. 

CCR SNIC Liffey (ADCA# 37566):
Liffey was born 5-10-15 out of Lady and Nick.  She is a polled, red, A2/A2 cow that carries dun. 

CCR DFRE Chloe (ADCA# 39860): Born 2-6-16, Chloe is our first Fredwin heifer.  Her genetic background is eeBb, A1/A1, and she's heterozygous polled. She was shown at Achievement Days as a yearling heifer.

CCR DFRE Apple (ADCA# 39859):  Apple was born 2-23-16, out of Jane and Fredwin.  She is a red, heterozygous dun, and heterozygous A2 heifer.  She was shown at the 2017 Achievement Days.

Cow/Heifer   Color     Beta-caseinPolled   PHAHip Height
Josieee/BbA1/A1heterofree      44"
Ladyee/BBA2/A2dehornedfree     44.5"
Jacquiee/bbA1/A1heterofree      44"
Johannaee/bbA1/A2heterofree      45"
Janeee/BbA1/A2heterofree      43"
EmeraldEe/bbA2/A2heterofree     42.5"
Missyee/BBA1/A2heterofree      42"
Liffeyee/BbA2/A2heterofree      42"