Herd Sire:  "CCR SNIC Charles"  ADCA #35862

Born 10-26-14, Charles is our current herd sire as of Fall 2015.  He is a red, homozygous dun, homozygous polled bull.  He is a Nick son out of SGF SAKE Jacqui.  His beta-casein is A1/A2. We look forward to his influence on the herd.

Past Herd Sire:  "SGF SSEA Nick"  ADCA #25357

Nick was purchased from John Potter (SGF) in Michigan.  He was our herd sire for 4 breeding seasons from 2012-2015.  He was heterozygous polled, homozygous red & dun, and heterozygous A2.  He was PHA and Chondro free.  We currently have 3 Nick daughters in the herd. 

Past Herd Sire: "CCRBuddy" ADCA #22091

Buddy was bred, born, and raised on our place.  He was our herd sire for 3 seasons from 2010-2012.  He is an Antares son; he's dehorned, PHA & Chondro free, homozygous red and dun, and his beta-casein is A1A2.  The only reason he was replaced was his lack of the polled gene, but we have added 2 of his daughters to our cow herd.  Buddy has gone on to another herd of cows in MN.

Past Herd Sire: "Daggett's Samuel" ADCA #020325

Sam was our first herd sire.  He was homozygous polled and carried dun.  Unfortunately, we only used him for one breeding season in 2009 as he was a PHA carrier.  He was purchased prior to the discovery of PHA in the Dexter breed, but fortunately we were able to test him with the rest of the herd prior to breeding season.  Unfortunately, we no longer have any of his daughters in the herd.


Current AI Sire: "Daggett's Fredwin" ADCA #22793

Fredwin is a homozygous polled bull who carries dun and has a beta-casein of A1A2.  He will be used on some of our red cows in 2015.  We look forward to his influence in our herd!

Past AI Sire:  "SGF LPFK Antares" ADCA #13961

Antares was the first bull we purchased straws from, and he produced 5 calves for us.  We used him in 2008 and 2009.  He sired 2 breeding bulls: one of which was our past herd sire, CCR Buddy #22091, and another that was sold, CCR Mauer #23833.  Both bulls have gone on to separate herds in Minnesota. Antares has had some good influence in our herd despite carrying PHA.  Thankfully we were able to keep negative progeny from him. 

Past AI Sire: "SGF SBAN Saber" ADCA #18869

We produced 5 calves from Saber over a 3 year span from 2009-2011.  He is heterozygous polled, red, and carries one dun gene (ee/Bb).  His beta-casein genotype is A2/A2 and he's PHA-free.  His hip height at 2 years was 42".  He has two A2/A2 daughters in the herd.