All Dexters at Crooked Creek Ranch are free from PHA and Chondrodysplasia.
A 50% non-refundable deposit will hold all for sale animals until they are picked up or delivered.

Cows and Heifers For Sale:

CCR Lady #23829 Born 4-27-10, Lady's color genotype is ee/BB (red,no dun), her beta-casein genotype is A2/A2, and she is dehorned.  She has been our main milk cow since she her first calf and is due 4-2-18 with a heifer.  She is for sale for $1200 pregnant or $1500 with calf at side.

CCR SNIC Emerald (ADCA# 35205): We made the tough decision to sell our easiest milking and top producing milk cow.  Emerald is a heterozygous polled, dun cow who carries red.  Her beta-casein is A2A2.  She was born 8-3-14 and was shown as a heifer.  She is due to calve 4-25-18 with a bull calf.  The calf has 50% chance of being homozygous polled, A2A2, and will be either red or dun.  She is for sale for $1700 pregnant or $2000 with calf at side.

CCR SNIC Liffey (ADCA# 37566):
Liffey is being sold confirmed pregnant with her second calf due 4-4-2018.  She is carrying a bull calf out of Charles that has a 50% chance of being homozygous polled.  Liffey is a red, heterozygous polled, A2/A2 cow that carries dun.  She is for sale for $1200 pregnant or $1500 with calf at side.

SGF SAKE Jacqui #24966
Jacqui was purchased from MI, born 5-30-11 out of Josie.  She is heterozygous polled, homozygous red and dun (eebb), and her beta-casein is A1/A1.  She is a superb cow and was the first Dexter ever shown in Deuel Cty, SD in 2012.  We have kept 2 daughters and a herd sire out of her and have decided to sell her.  She is due 4-12-18 with a bull calf.  She is for sale for $1200 pregnant or $1500 with calf at side.

CCR SNIC Gretta (ADCA# 39856):  Gretta was born 7-1-16 and is a dehorned red, homozygous dun heifer that is also homozygous A2.  She is confirmed pregnant to Charles, due 5-9-18.  The calf will be heterozygous polled, red, homozygous dun bull calf.  She was shown for 4H this year and is for sale for $1200 pregnant or $1500 with calf at side.

Lost River 32 (ADCA #36970):
"Missy" was born 4-17-15, she is a polled red cow with A1A2 beta-casein.  She is carrying a heifer calf due 8-8-18.  She is for sale for $1200 pregnant or $1500 with calf at side. 

CCR CCHA Frankincense ("Franky") (ADCA#41933): Born 12-26-16, Franky was born a day after Christmas in the midst of an ice-storm that knocked out our power for 5days.  She is out of Liffey and Charles.  She is a heterozygous polled, homozygous dun, red heifer that is A1A2.  She is for sale for $1000.

CCR CCHA Lacy (ADCA# 42107):  Born 4-11-17 out of Lady, Lacy is a red, heterozygous dun, heterozygous polled heifer with a beta-casein of A1/A2.  She is another great heifer out of Lady, our main milk cow, and is for sale for $1000.

Bulls For Sale:

CCR SNIC Charles (ADCA #35862): Born 10-26-14, Charles is red, homozygous dun, and a homozygous polled bull.  His beta-casein is A1/A2. Charles has given us some of our best calves, one of which is taking his spot as the herd sire this year.  Charles is for sale for $2500.

CCR CCHA Alpha (ADCA# 42110): Born 2-12-17, Alpha is out of Jane and is homozygous red & dun, A1A2 and is heterozygous polled.  He was shown at 4H achievement days for "Baby Beef" were he took grand champ and also with his dam in the "Bred & Owned" class.  Every calf out of Jane has been fantastic including Alpha, who will make a great herd sire next year.  He is for sale for $900.

CCR CCHA Emmitt (ADCA# 42106):  Born 6-13-17 out of Emerald, Emmitt has the genetic makeup we've been breeding towards.  He is homozygous: red,dun,polled, & A2.  Every calf out of Emmitt will be polled; and if bred to red and dun cows- all his calves will be either red or dun.  In addition, he will contribute the A2 beta-casein protein to all his calves.  We will try and get an updated photo soon.  He is developing into a nice bull and is for sale for $1200.

Milk Cows: Dexters are easy to train for hand-milking and virtually all of our cows could potentially be a milk cow.  However, if you would prefer one that has been milked already let us know and we can either start milking the one your interested in or put you on a waiting list for the next available milk cow.

Grass-fed Dexter Beef:  Every year we butcher 3 two-year old steers in late July/early August.  Please see our Grassfed Beef page for more information.  If you are interested in any grass-fed Dexter beef, please feel free to give us a call 605-272-2224 or e-mail us @ with any questions, and we can get you on the list.

Phone number: 605-272-2224